As you know, parenting can be both wonderful and challenging through all stages of child rearing, and sometimes more turbulent through adolescence - surprisingly said to include 10-24 year olds! These years are a time of continual change for children and often confusing for parents as they question their role through the ups and downs of adolescence.

It is a time of transition not only for teens, but for their parents as well. The stakes are higher and situations teens encounter are trickier; they still need to be protected, yet the dance of how to parent, relate and discipline, while safely loosening your grip, is not easy.  I will help calm your fears, collaborate and brainstorm with you, and give you practical tools and strategies to move forward, in relationship, with your teen.  I will coach you through. 

I am uniquely qualified as a parent specialist, having worked extensively in school systems counseling and advising children and parents at the middle school, senior high and college levels. I have raised two children and earnestly stay on top of the best ways to raise healthy children through research, conferences, workshops, meetings, and more. In addition to working individually with parents, I also work with teenage girls, and facilitate groups for middle school and high school level parents on and off site. I regularly consult with a parent advisory team and guidance counselors in the area.

Together we identify issues, clarify values, set boundaries and strategize solutions, while always working to maintain a healthy, mutually respectful and open parent/child relationship. After 50 minutes together, parents report feeling calmer, more in control and more hopeful.  One parent said at the end of a session that our time together felt “better than a massage” because she was relieved of her angst and fueled with tools and optimism.